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The Rockland Immigration Coalition (RIC)

The Rockland Immigration Coalition (RIC) is a grassroots network of immigrants, immigrant advocates, service providers and faith leaders. We are a completely voluntary organization with no paid staff and no money. We have been meeting monthly since 1999 and have had victories both large and small that have improved the climate for immigrants, documented and undocumented. We have about 270 members representing all groups and organizations that serve immigrants in the County. We do not provide direct services but work more for system changes in health, education, mental health, legal services, information and referral, community education. Individual people are helped through our many member organizations. RIC is a member of the New York Immigration Coalition, the statewide organization.

The coalition was founded by Gail K. Golden Ed.D, LCSW, and Ron Figueroa, both long time community leaders and activists. Gail is also a board member of The New York Immigration Coalition. Gail and Ron continue to lead the coalition. The coalition was awarded the F.O.R.
Peace Prize, and special awards from the One to One Learning Project and Families for Freedom.

Here is what the RIC is seeking from RCBA Members:

Recently, RCBA has been approached by The Rockland Immigration Coalition to aid and assist the immigrant community who are in need of pro bono legal services that might arise due to impending Executive Orders on Immigration. Our immigrant community is concerned for the welfare and care of their children who are US Citizens and as such they are in need of parental directives.

If you are willing and interested in assisting members of our immigrant community, please reach out to the RCBA at 845-634-2149. We will pass your name on to the Co-Chairs of the RCBA Immigration Committee, Cory Forman and Andre Vital, who will provide a list of volunteer attorneys to the RIC.

Other helpful resources:

NYS Office of Indigent Legal Services –

NYS Office for New Americans –

New Americans Hotline – 1-800-566-7636

Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland – Tel: 845-942-5791; Website:

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand - Department of Constituent Affairs – Telephone: (212) 688 – 6262; Email: 

(for a list of authorized nonprofit immigration legal services organizations)


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The Rockland County Bar Association (RCBA) is a nonprofit, professional association in New City, New York. It has more than 600 members and is the 6th-largest bar association outside of New York City.

We are committed to maintaining the dignity of the profession of law and increasing its usefulness in promoting the development of the law; the due administration of justice, the mutual improvement and social intercourse of its members under the restrictions and regulations established by its by-laws.

***Please click the links below to view the 2014 Rockland County Bar Association By-Laws & The By-Laws of The Foundation of The Rockland County Bar Association, Inc.***
2014 Rockland County Bar Association By-Laws

 By-Laws of The Foundation Of The Rockland County Bar Association, Inc.

Amended and Restated By-Laws Of The Foundation Of The Rockland County Bar Association, Inc. 


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